About the Coalition


The Green Affordable Housing Coalition is a national action network that fosters collaboration and advocates for the development and preservation of green affordable housing. View the printer-friendly fact sheet

The Importance of Green Affordable Housing

Green building practices can lessen the ecological impact of the built environment while improving the quality of life of low- and moderate-income households. Families living in affordable housing that is location-efficient, healthy and green can experience lower utility costs, decreased exposure to harmful pollutants, and lower transportation costs.

What We Do

The Green Affordable Housing Coalition supports administrative and legislative actions at the federal, state and local levels that support the development, preservation and rehabilitation of green, healthy and location-efficient affordable housing. The Coalition is a platform through which member organizations can disseminate information, discuss details of key policy proposals and organize outreach and advocacy efforts. Certain activities (such as outreach campaigns and sign-on letters) related to specific legislative and regulatory initiatives reflect the positions of the organizations that explicitly endorse those activities, rather than the official position of the Coalition as a whole.

For more information on specific policy initiatives, visit the Coalition Policy Agenda webpage.

Who We Are

The Green Affordable Housing Coalition brings together diverse national and local organizations dedicated to promoting green and healthy building practices in affordable housing.

(asterisk denotes members of the Coalition Steering Committee)