Several members of the Green Affordable Housing Coalition have endorsed the Call to Action Campaign. The Call to Action is a commitment to make progress toward the goal of ensuring that all housing with public subsidy and long term affordability requirements has the opportunity to benefit from green practices by 2020.

The Call to Action Campaign will serve as a catalyst for unprecedented health, economic and environmental benefits to hundreds of thousands of families in neighborhoods across America.  

Policy advocacy is a key element in this effort.  After several years of focused policy engagement, federal, state, and local green building initiatives have taken root. For low-income families and for all Americans, now is the time for bold solutions and continued progress. Green development is increasingly seen as a proven, cost-effective approach to creating vibrant communities for families across the economic spectrum.

To view the campaign video, see what the pledge entails for your organization and join the Call to Action, visit the Enterprise Call to Action website

Principles of the Call to Action

The Call to Action is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Green affordable housing development generates lasting economic and health savings for families and communities and promotes energy independence.

  • Federal housing, energy, environmental, health and tax programs and policies are needed to support both green housing goals and economic growth through investments in energy efficient and sustainable development.

  • Housing produced or preserved to meet holistic green building standards, such as the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, LEED, and others, provide the opportunity to deliver significant healthy, economic and environmental benefits.

  • Low-income households benefit by living in homes that are healthy, safe, energy-efficient and sustainable.

  • Locating green building projects within easy access of public transportation, job centers, and community amenities will reduce the housing and transportation cost burden facing the most vulnerable Americans households, utilize existing infrastructure and reduce sprawl.

  • Affordable housing developers, building owners, and service providers should be active partners with the Administration and Congress in a commitment to greening all affordable housing by 2020.

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