From the Enterprise website:

"When we launched Enterprise Green Communities with our partners in 2004, we made a commitment to track the costs and benefits of meeting the Green Communities Criteria. We remain dedicated to ensuring that the homes designed, constructed and rehabilitated to meet the Criteria deliver cost-effective health, economic, and environmental benefits to the developers, the residents and the surrounding communities.

Three years ago, we reported that the utility costs saved over the lifetime of the measures included in the Criteria exceed the costs of implementing the Criteria. We’re pleased to report that our latest study upholds our 2009 findings.

This latest report illustrates how we expanded our study to include 52 projects, up from the 27 we included in 2009. We also intentionally increased the percentage of rehabilitation projects. Applying the same methodology, we hired Davis Langdon to complete the analysis. Just as in 2009, we met challenges in collecting design and construction cost and utility-consumption data. Once again, their findings found that energy criterion and the healthy living environment criterion drive most of the incremental costs. In addition, high variability in actual-versus-predicted energy consumption levels continues.

At the same time, our analysis found that energy price escalation estimations decreased. The cost of healthier building materials dropped. Perhaps most importantly, many criteria have become standard practice across the industry. These are encouraging findings in our pursuit to make green and affordable housing one and the same."

For more information, read the full report or register for the June 20 webinar.