From the National Housing Conference and Center for Housing Policy:

Location-Efficiency as a Green Building Strategy: An Introduction to the Location Affordability Index

"The location of housing relative to jobs, retail and public transit has a large impact on the transportation costs and energy use associated with getting to and from work and around town. For this reason, many green building practitioners and advocates focus on 'location efficiency' as well as 'energy efficiency' when considering residential design and construction strategies. And just as green building strategies can reduce household utility costs, location efficiency can reduce combined housing and transportation costs.

Join us 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, July 17th for a webinar to learn more about the role of location-efficiency in green building and a new set of tools being developed by HUD and DOT to help reduce the combined housing and transportation cost burdens faced by low- and moderate-income families. Participants will learn about and have the opportunity to provide feedback on the Housing and Transportation Affordability Initiative - a joint HUD and DOT project which is developing the Location Affordability Index and the My Transportation Cost Calculator, tools designed to help planners, developers, consumers, and policy-makers make more informed decisions about where to development, invest and live. Presenters will include representatives from the Manhattan Strategy Group, the lead contractor for the Initiative; the Center for Neighborhood Technology; the US Green Building Council; Southface Energy; and the Center for Housing Policy.

This webinar is part of a two-part series sponsored by the National Housing Conference and its research affiliate, the Center for Housing Policy. The second webinar in this series, scheduled for September 2012, will report on the results of a housing and transportation costs study being conducted by the Center for Housing Policy and Center for Neighborhood Technology. Among other things, the new study will separately break out housing and transportation costs for renters and owners and document changes in the combined costs since 2000. For more information please contact: or 202.560.5518."