From the Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future website:

The following tools, developed by SAHF and Bright Power, Inc. in collaboration with Common Ground, Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation, St. Nicks Alliance and University Neighborhood Housing Program, are intended to help improve energy and water management and reduce costs, spending and environmental impacts over the long‐term, while helping to preserve affordable properties. A summary and explanation of these tools can be found here.

Checklist: Annual Budgeting
Checklist: Annual Energy Meeting (Organizational Level)
Checklist: Annual Energy Reviews (For Properties) & Property Goal‐Sheet
Checklists: Building Maintenance
Checklist: Efficient Building Operations and Maintenance
Checklist: Energy Trend Monitoring
Checklist: Portfolio Energy Tracking Set‐Up
Checklist: Tracking Building Upgrade Performance
Checklist: Utility Bill Processing
Worksheet: Effective Tenant Engagement
Worksheet: Energy Management Responsibilities
Worksheet: Recommended Super Equipment

In addition, please read this article written by Stephen Burrington and SAHF’s President and CEO Bill Kelly about the various aspects and practices that can affect energy performance in affordable housing.